Offset Your Carbon Footprint With DOV Tokens

Currency Hub adds support for eco-friendly DOV tokens.



 April 29, 2020

Currency Hub continues to add support for meaningful blockchain projects by adding DOV from Dovu Ltd to its list of 150+ top cryptocurrencies. When users exchange their crypto and pick DOV as the destination currency they will not only become its early adopters of DOV but will also make a real difference by managing their carbon footprint. DOVU.Earth allows you to offset your carbon footprint through a monthly subscription of your choosing. You get rewarded for tracking your current eco-positive actions, including your DOVU.Earth subscription by getting credits in the form of DOV tokens. 



DOVU.Earth is a one-stop shop for purchasing carbon offsets using either a monthly subscription or DOV tokens. DOVU.Earth inspires individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and enables the purchase of carbon offsets from a number of carefully selected projects that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. With DOVU.Earth, users can import, export, and send DOV tokens to their friends, incentivizing them to also invest in carbon offsetting. Visit:



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